shapes SAP Commerce Cloud* to your business processes

SAP hybris/Cx/commerce developer

Online customers expect a personalized experience based on their interests and needs. I will adapt SAP Commerce Cloud* to your business processes, get the most of out-of-the-box features and reduce your upgrade cost. This will unleash all the potential of SAP Commerce Cloud* (hybris).

I could further prepare your e-commerce architecture to support selling millions of products, expand your product catalogue by integrating the Mirakl* marketplace middleware and ease your product enrichment process by integrating Akeneo* PIM.

With my excellent communication skills and huge interest in creating systems with value for the user, I can be your senior programmer, lead developer, product owner or architect.

I also enjoy coaching other members of the team, so they can do a better job every day.

With 12+ years of experience, I understand business processes, evaluate possible solutions within the budget and the time constraints and implement the chosen one using clean code.             


  • Development of new features in B2C and B2B Shops based on SAP commerce (hybris) following the code standards
  • Writing user stories and documenting requirements of the stakeholders
  • Coordination of a dev team
  • Maintenance of  SAP commerce systems. Bugfixing of complex problems in a structured way
  • Coaching of other developers into the SAP commerce architecture, good practices and its limitations
  • Advice on the SAP commerce architecture, extension possibilities, introduction of automatic tests and standardisation and automatization of deployments
  • Technical evaluation of tools and framework

About me

Since 2010 I work as a developer with the SAP Commerce Cloud* (hybris) platform building B2C and B2B shops. I chose this profession because I like to solve problems, understand the business needs and provide valuable solutions

Nowadays the e-commerce branch is evolving towards a fully immersed and personalised sales experience where the customers are offered all the products in the market which fulfil their needs. This means new challenges like scaling the software architecture, developing microservices, and integrating marketplaces.

My skills

  • Core: SAP commerce (hybris), B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, Apache Solr, Development, Java, Scrum
  • Programming languages: Java 17, Javascript
  • Languages: German (fluent, C1), English (fluent, C1), Spanish (mother tongue)
  • E-Commerce: SAP commerce, WCMS, Accelerator, Backoffice, Rule engine, development of CMS components, optimization of the search and suggestions and synchronization of catalogs, Service Layer, hMC
  • Frontend Technologies: JSP, HTML, CSS
  • Tools and Frameworks: Spring (IoC, MVC, Data REST, HATEOAS, Boot), Junit, Selenium, jQuery, Maven, Ant, Git, Docker, Jira, Jenkins
  • Design: Microservices, OOD, OOA, REST, SOAP, UML
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Oracle, Sybase
  • Operating Systems: Unix-like, Ubuntu

If you want to learn more about me you can check my profiles:

SAP Commerce Cloud (hybris) developer

Java developer with focus on microservices

Open-source projects

 Areko deployment manager for SAP Commerce Cloud (hybris) and examples of CMS components for SAP hybris using accelerator addons.

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